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Release Date: March 1, 1957 | Production Date: June - July 1956 | Color: Black & White
Running Time: 79 minutes | Studio: United Artists

Betty Hutton
as "Margaret Brewster"
Dana Andrews
as "Fred Davis"
Jean Hagen
as "Barna Forrest"
Robert F. Simon
as "Harry Brewster"
Laura La Plante
as "May Brewster"
Gordon Jones
as "Jack Frazer"
Sara Berner
as "Paula Kratz"
Irene Ryan
as "Miss Stapleton"
Herbert Anderson
as "Edward"
Richard Shannon
as "Nick"
Ken Curtis
as "Al"
Vivi Janiss
as "Grace"
Mimi Doyle
as "Alice"
Florence Sundstrom
as "Mary"
James Gleason
as "Mr. Collyer"

Screenplay by
Robert Pirosh and Elick Moll

Story by
Robert Alan Aurthur

Music Composed and Conducted by
Herbert Spencer and Earle Hagen, M.S.I.

Director of Photography
Harold Lipstein, A.S.C.

Art Director
Paul Groesse

In Charge of Production
Barney Briskin

Assistant Director
John Burch

Film Editor
Leon Barsha, A.C.E.

Production Illustration
Maurice Zuberano

Set Decorations
Darrell Silvera

Richard Tyler

Sid Perell

Hair Stylist for Miss Hutton
Larry Bowser

Miss Hutton's Clothes
Don Loper

Sylvia Lewis

Henry West and Olive Koenitz

Produced by
Jerry Bresler

Directed by
Robert Pirosh





Thirty-three-year-old Maggie Brewster (Betty Hutton) is looking forward to the upcoming reunion of the Carson High School Class of 1941, of which she was voted the "most popular girl." Maggie has not married and has chosen to remain in California, where she lives with her parents and has a successful career in her father's real estate business. School friend Barna Forrest (Jean Hagen), married with four children, arrives from out of town to stay with the Brewsters for the reunion.

Maggie is currently trying to sell a house owned by her classmate, Fred Davis (Dana Andrews), who was voted "most likely to succeed," but has spent his life wandering the world. Fred returns while she is at the property and tells her that he is taking the house off the market. Fred, who dated Maggie in high school and had a reputation for being a lothario, invites her to go for a sail with him, but she leaves to keep a beauty shop appointment, adding that she hopes to see Fred at the reunion that evening. Fred says that he will not be going.

At the dance in the high school gym, Jack Frazer (Gordon Jones), the class's football hero, flirts with Maggie, but she knows that he is married. Jack then switches his attentions to Barna who, apparently unhappy with her married life, encourages him. Fred does come to the dance after all, and tells Maggie that he is leaving the next day to take a job in advertising in San Francisco and suggests that they slip away to a quiet bar. Maggie declines but joins Fred as he walks around the school and accompanies him to a nearby malt shop.

Maggie soon returns to the gym, where she appears in a re-creation of a show the class presented at the '41 graduation dance. After the dance, Fred, Maggie, Jack and Barna go to Fred's house, where Fred kisses Maggie. Although he appears earnest, she is not affected by him, but as they walk by the ocean, Fred begins to convince her of his sincerity and Maggie wonders aloud how they both have missed hooking up with someone. Jack gets nowhere with Barna and drives her back to Maggie's, but she kisses him and tells him to call her in the morning.

After Barna tells Maggie's parents that she is still with Fred, they discuss Maggie's future. Although her mother would very much like Maggie to get married, her father sees no reason to change their situation and is not impressed by Fred, whom he regards as unreliable. Meanwhile, Fred and Maggie have gone for a night sail, and when they discover that the boat is leaking, they head for the shore, but run aground on some rocks near a lighthouse. Mr. Collyer (James Gleason), the lighthouse keeper, knows Fred and welcomes their company, but within a few hours, the boat is repaired and they must leave. They walk along the beach and embrace.

Maggie arrives home at the same time as the morning paper is delivered and must face her parents. After she tells them that she and Fred are going to be married and that they are leaving that day for San Francisco, Maggie's mother is very happy for her, but her father, who is extremely possessive, is irate and wonders if Fred can settle down. Meanwhile, Barna is quite happy to learn that Jack will be unable to see her due to a back injury. Maggie goes into the office to help her father with the last details of an important deal and discovers that he has offered Fred a job in the company. Although Maggie thinks this is a good idea, Fred is not at all interested and tells her that they are being manipulated by her father, who does not want to lose his little girl.

Fred asks Maggie to head off immediately, but she is upset and refuses, so he leaves. After her mother tells her to go after him, Maggie explains to her father that she feels that she is nothing special anymore and has finally found a man who wants to marry her. She then runs after Fred and they drive off together.

"That Old Feeling"
Performed by Betty Hutton


"Spring Reunion" was Betty's first film since the 1952 release "Somebody Loves Me" and marked her last appearance in a feature film.

The film's locale of Carson is probably fictional, although there is a suburb of Los Angeles bearing that name.

A Hollywood Reporter news item of July 19, 1956 reported completion of location shooting at Newport Harbor, California.

"Spring Reunion" is one of only two Betty films that weren't produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Irene Ryan, known mostly for her role as "Granny" on "The Beverly Hillbillies", has a small role in this film as "Miss Stapleton".


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