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blow a fuse
( vp ) Lose your temper.

( adj ) Bad, no good.

( n ) A loser, a jerk.

( n ) A girl.

( v ) To comprehend, understand, or like something.

( n ) A sweet and affectionate person.

( n ) Something in a class by itself.

( n ) An extremely attractive person.

fuddy duddy
( n ) An old-fashioned, boring, anal-retentive person.

( vp ) An interjection showing surprise.

( n ) A stupid person.

( n ) A loser, a jerk.

( adj ) Knowledgeable about the current scene.

hot dog
( int ) An interjection of surprise.

( adj ) Not hip, boring.

in the groove
( adj ) Perfect, no deviation, down the alley.

( n ) A general name for all friends.

( n ) A swing fan.

mess o' cabbage
( adj ) Something that is a bunch of rubbish.

mickey finn
( n ) A drink laced with poison or an incapacitating drug.

( v ) Making someone laugh.

( n ) Something excellent or terrific.

( n ) A person's brain.

rug cutter
( n ) A very good dancer, an active jitterbug.

( adj ) Great, swell, okay.

( n ) An unhep person.

( n ) A man looking to get married.

( n ) A person's heart.

( adj ) Exaggerated.


Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing
Blue Skies
Can't Stop Talking
Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief
His Rocking Horse Ran Away
Hit The Road To Dreamland
Igloo (Instrumental)
It's Oh So Quiet
I Wish I Didn't Love You So
Murder, He Says
Somebody Loves Me (Instrumental)

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A comprehensive list of Betty's most notable and frequent co-stars, personal friends, and the important people in her life throughout her career.

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Betty graduated cum laude from Salve Regina University. Think you’ve got the smarts, too? Put your knowledge to the test with our Betty-O-Meter Quiz:

1) Before going to Hollywood, Betty was a singer with what bandleader's orchestra?
a) Glenn Miller
b) Benny Goodman
c) Vincent Lopez
d) Count Basie

2) What was the first feature film Betty appeared in?
a) One For The Book
b) Star Spangled Rhythm
c) The Fleet's In
d) Let's Face It

3) Which song was a number one hit for Betty?
a) "Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief"
b) "It Had To Be You"
c) "Murder, He Says"
d) "I Wish I Didn't Love You So"

4) What actress got her break by lipsyncing to a record of Betty's at a beauty pageant?
a) Doris Day
b) Debbie Reynolds
c) Mitzi Gaynor
d) Natalie Wood

5) What was Betty's character name on "The Betty Hutton Show"?
a) Goldie Strickland
b) Goldie Appleton
c) Goldie Horton
d) Goldie Appleby

6) In what film did Betty, the famous "Blonde Bombshell", appear as a brunette?
a) The Greatest Show On Earth
b) Dream Girl
c) Cross My Heart
d) And The Angels Sing

7) Who memorably called Betty "a vitamin pill with legs"?
a) Bob Hope
b) Bing Crosby
c) Carlton Heston
d) Eddie Bracken

8) What is Betty's birth name?
a) Elizabeth Jane Thornburg
b) Betty Jane Boyer
c) Elizabeth June Thornburg
d) Betty Darling

9) Which film featured Betty's sensational performance of "It Had To Be You"?
a) Red, Hot and Blue
b) Here Come The Waves
c) Let's Dance
d) Incendiary Blonde

10) Which personality did Betty not portray in film?
a) Annie Oakley
b) Texas Guinan
c) Pearl White
d) Sophie Tucker

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