The Greatest Show On Earth
From the film The Greatest Show On Earth
Words by Ned Washington
Music by Victor Young
© 1951 Sony ATV Harmony

Studio recording not released
Recorded 1951
Paramount Studio Orchestra conducted by Victor Young
Running Time: 2 mins 59 secs

Come to the circus
The greatest show on earth
Come to the circus
See the circus
If we’re not very careful
Life can overwork us
So take today and make it gay
For there are too many tears along the way
So come to the circus
It’s circus day today
Come see the barkers
And the gawkers
Come bareback riders
And the fearless tightrope walkers
Dancing bears do their routine
The greatest extravaganza the world has ever seen

The human cannonball will zoom
As trumpets blare and bass drums boom
Who entertains your mom and pop?
The people under the great big top!

Come to the circus
Come on along and see
The Bengal tigers and the lions
The trapeze artist does a leap that’s death defying
A land of mirth, your money’s worth
Come on along to the circus
The greatest show on earth