The Gentleman Prefers To Dance
From the film short Public Jitterbug No. 1
Written by Sammy Cahn and Saul Chaplin
© 1939 Mills Music Inc.

Studio recording not released
Recorded 1939
Orchestra conducted by David Mendoza
Running Time: 1 min 37 secs

Whatís it gonna be, your dancing or me?
You must make a choice most definitely
I keep singing the blues
Iím playing second fiddle to your dancing shoes

What goodís the moonlight
The stars and the starlight
What good is romance
Obviously, the gentleman prefers to dance

He would rather rumba
What is he thinking of
Did you ever try to rumba
When youíre in love

Nothing can happen while he keeps on tapping
I havenít a chance
Obviously, the gentleman prefers to
Dance, dance, dance
I might as well forget romance

Itís tough to discover that youíve got a lover
Who rumbaís around romance
Obviously, the gentleman prefers his steppiní to kneckiní with me
The gentleman prefers to dance, obviously!