Doin' What Comes Natur'lly
From the film Annie Get Your Gun
Written by Irving Berlin
© 1946 Irving Berlin Music Co.

Released on MGM 30229
Recorded October 5, 1949
MGM Studio Orchestra conducted by Adolph Deutsch
Running Time: 2 mins 52 secs

Folks are dumb where I come from
They ain't had any learniní
Still they're happy as can be
Doiní what comes naturílly

Folks like us could never fuss
With schools and books and learniní
Still we've gone from A-to-Z
Doiní what comes naturílly

You donít have to know how to read or write
When youíre out with a feller in the pale moonlight
You donít have to look in a book to find
What he thinks of the moon and what is on his mind
That comes naturílly

My uncle donít pay taxes
His address never gives
They canít collect his taxes
For they donít know where he lives
Cousin Vin got angry when they caught him stealing chickens
ďIím within my rights,Ē said he
Doiní what comes naturílly

Uncle Jed has never read an almanac on drinking
Still heís always on a spree
Doiní what comes naturílly
Sister Sal whoís musical has never had a lesson
Still sheís learned to sing off-key
Doiní what comes naturílly

You donít have to go to a private school
Not to turn up your bustle to a stubborn mule
You donít have to come from a great big town
Not to clean out a stable in an evening gown
That comes naturílly

My uncle out in Texas can't even write his name
He signs his checks with ďXísĒ
But they cash Ďem just the same

Grandpa Dick was always sick
But never saw a doctor
He just died at ninety-three
Doiní what comes naturílly

Doiní what comes naturílly