Bluebirds In My Belfry
From the film And The Angels Sing
Words by Johnny Burke
Music by Jimmy Van Heusen
© 1944 Paramount Music Corp.

Studio recording not released
Recorded 1944
Paramount Studio Orchestra conducted by Victor Young
Running Time: 2 mins 43 secs

Do I look funny? Do I act strange?
I can feel a mysterious change

I saw the best psychiatrist uptown
He stroked his beard and he started to frown
He said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with you”
There wasn’t anything that he could do
Don’t want to knock you, Doc
But anyone here could see
Something’s wrong with me

I do weird things, I can’t help it
Bluebirds in my belfry
I turn cartwheels and I fumble
Bluebirds in my belfry

Call into radar contact
I think we’ll fly right through that cloud
Sometimes I draw a crowd
Too late to call a doctor

I start dancing without music
How’d I get poor etic?
I said “Darling” to a lamppost
Isn’t that pathetic?

Last night I tried to jump over the moon above
I’ve got bluebirds in my belfry
I mean I’m in love

I hear echoes, I hear echoes
Bluebirds in my belfry
I play leapfrog with my shadow
Bluebirds in my belfry

I don’t know why I imagine I’m loaded with dynamite
I’m probably wrong but who’s got a light?
Boom! Call out the fire department

I take sleigh rides across rooftops
Some dark night you’ll spot me
I walk backwards ‘cause I’m followed
Now my skin is crawling

I don’t know why I’m out to be Frankenstein’s protégé
I’ve got bluebirds in my belfry
And they won’t fly away
I say, “Hey! Fly away, fly away!”
But they stay and they sting every day
‘Till I’m crazy

I’ve got bluebirds in my belfry