Be A Jumping Jack (Duet with James Stewart)
From the film The Greatest Show On Earth
Words by Ned Washington
Music by Victor Young
© 1951 Sony ATV Harmony

Studio recording not released
Recorded 1951
Paramount Studio Orchestra conducted by Victor Young
Running Time: 1 mins 30 secs

When things go wrong and life’s no song
And you’re flat on your back
That doesn’t mean you have to lie there
Be a jumping jack

Keep on the hop and if you flop
And everything looks black
Stand on your head and holler, “Hi there!”
Be a jumping jack

When things go up they must come down
And also vice versa
If things look bad don’t fret and frown
They could be ten times worse

Your train of luck may get stuck
If something is on the track
Take a good jump and you’ll get by there
Be a jumping jack

If you slip and lose your grip
Get up and bounce right back
Act just like a rubber ball then
Be a jumping jack